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, bill from again. fox news legal analyst. what is going on? >> absolutely crazy. all religions, everything. it is allowed. you cannot be at the school, saying one religion is better than the other, but the first amendment allows all religions. gerri: let me read you one thing. sis says religious music should be part of the elementary program. -- should not be a part. i cannot read tonight. come on. >> i have to say i agree with her, and i will tell you why. this is an established principle and supreme court law. the establishment clause which basically separates church and state and looks at the purpose of the activity, whether it is encouraging or discouraging. let me finish. finally, when you basically have a program in that program is essentially is neutral which is what the district is doing, that does not mean that it violates the constitution. >> you cannot promote one religion or the other. >> if you have it in a classroom situation and they're is a cultural components, it is permissible. if it is an entertainment type situation where people are excluded, then it is goin
would attack all sorts of religions. what we would get back, we expected hostility. what we got again and again. gentle sweetness. one of the thing that happens when you are an atheist, you get tweets. letters, i am so sorry religious people treat you'd so badly when you want to atheism. i think one of the reasons i want to atheism, religious people treated me so well. my dad was a christian. we were very, very close. there is a feeling love and security that can make you very happy with the life we have here. and sometimes the gentleness and the love itself is what gives you the confidence to maybe, not be, not be reaching for things. this is what i encounter all the time. the number of people that are aggressive and unpleasant in religion to me in my, life, is just about zero. maybe one or two. >> do you feel threatened by atheism? >> no. i can't stress this enough. a lot of my friend are atheists. just reflecting to day. had a lunch with a friend. an agnostic. >> you have seen priests go through crisis of faith. where priests have times where they're not so sure about the basic exi
, the justices will tackle the role of religion in the public square. they will hear arguments this week in the town of grace, new york versus galloway, the issue whether prayer at government meetings passes constitutional muster. it's argued the town is violating the separation of church and state by opening their council meetings with a christian prayer. jordan lawrence is with alliance freedom and reverend barry lind is representing galloway oig. good day to both you. reverend, the central focus in the case is the first amendment establishment clause. it says congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion or prohibiting the free exercise thereof. so how to you argue in this case the establishment clause, basically the separation of church and state, that it's being violated in this case? >> unlike god save the honorable court, it's become a platitude, it's used so often it's from the much lost its spiritual significance. when you get down to what's going on in greece, new york, you're finding an overwhelming number, in factual but four of the prayers prayed in the
in pe classes saying it promotes eastern religions. he wants to give sxarnts students the right to opt out. gym teachers and others argue classes are designed to keep kids active and help prevent sports injuries. >>> san francisco program designed to lure movie make together city may get a boost a super advisor proposing putting more money into the pot. abc7 news joins us live now from city hall. carolyn? >> reporter: san francisco's fwil in rebate program set to expire next year. the supervisor wants to expend thaend by a year, expanding coverage so we can compete with places like new mexico, new york, and vancouver. san francisco used to be able to relie on its beauty to lure movie makers but now, you need sweetener. >> the bottom line is that it's important. >> reporter: the producer for a new hbo series called "looking". they were shooting today in tiburon. most action is in san francisco. incentives were a draw. the program rebates up to $600,000 fees paid to the city for things like permits and stage rentals. >> being able to access that, we were able to put more on screen than
, talk about play the games. get religion, get race, get everything out of it and rebrand the company. >> wearing black ties. we're both racist. melissa: we're talking about money. what is the best money move for the team? because on one hand they have a lot of investment in the name redskins. that is what everybody identifies with. some estimates are 10 to $20 million to change the name. i think a lot more than that. >> a lot more. rebrand, it's a lot more. merchandising, it is logo and website. you know better than i do, peter about this probably talking half a billion dollars to completely revamp. >> i'm not a money person. i give you anecdotal. i lived in washington and covered washington sports two years. there is not a fan base more passionate than washington fan base, whatever is on logo, whatever merchandise, they will buy it and tickets. merchandise is split between all the teams. ticket sales, parking, going there buying concessions. that type of thing they're getting so much money from the tv revenue, changing logo i don't think will severely impact them. melissa: maybe wou
that it is against their religion. >> we had a court decision on that today in the second district court in d.c. hang on right there. i want to bring in natalie. you have a website, baby sleep >> yes. >> where were you when i had my two kids? >> i don't know. how old are they? >> do you train 14-year-olds to go to sleep? if you do, whatever that is you will make a lot of money fast. all right. you have -- by the way, that's cool. i bet business is booming. >> i can't complain. yes, it's doing well. >> tell us about your health care issues. >> so i have always carried my own health insurance plan. it's been important to me that i be insured. when my husband left law school i found an insurer after i was denied for some pre-existing condition. i was accepted by my insurer. so i carried a great plan. after i had my son i decided to step down and take what was considered the catastrophic plan. this plan has a $1500 deductible and $3,000 out of pocket maximum. i have been to the doctor several times and never felt i have been gouged. love my plan. didn't go on my husband's plan. great plan. n
Search Results 0 to 10 of about 11 (some duplicates have been removed)